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BLANDIZZI - Da Noi in Italia

"Il mondo sul filo" (The World on the edge) is the new album by the singer-songwriter Lino Blandizzi. This work is meant to represent the condition of human life in a precarious balance, poised on the thin and taut edge of the existence. The album expresses "essentiality", "clarity" and "Immediate impact on communication". In essence, this album has the strength to say things bluntly, it has the urgency to communicate in passionate terms its social conscience and has a sincere willingness to make it contagious in order to spred it so to create a sort of awareness of a world in decline. The choice for the new album cover (the fifth for Blandizzi, and the first for Clapo / Edel) is emblematical, strong and does not need much explanation: Blandizzi use to speak by images, it's a good legacy of the pop singing nursery rhymes he sang at the time of his album "Abbicci'" which became a pedagogical and even a school tool. Blandizzi looks into our planet without discounts and indulgences, condemning "without ifs and buts" and saving love and friendship. The album songs: "Il mondo scoppia" (The World breaks), "Acqua" (Water - which has been praised from Father Alex Zanotelli, personally committed against water privatization - more precious property we have), "Vieni donna del Sud" (Come southern woman - about all the "south" of the world where the woman lives the condition of a totally unknown dignity ), "Quelli del calcio" (Those of football - a strong rock ballad to condemn racism and hooliganism): the objectives are clear and focused without guile and rhetoric. Blandizzi follows his way as a singer along the long search for a language capable of dosing with wisdom the unpresentable modernity with the greatness of the Neapolitan culture and traditions. Blandizzi opens the track list with "Sono qui" (I'm here), a "highway song" that travels on the driving rhythm of crystal liquid acoustic guitars, moreover, very remarkable is the duet with Dirk Hamilton, an American 70s folk-blues glory, in the song "Siamo lontani" (We're faraway). In perfect harmony with the general character of the album is "Vierno vattenne" (Winter Go Away), the only one in dialect, a poem by the journalist, writer and essayist Luigi Compagnone which Blandizzi plays in a very classical and passionate way. Blandizzi, by the way, has an album "Blandizzi incontra Sergio Bruni" (Blandizzi meets Sergio Bruni) of 2007 containing "Ma dov'e'" (Where is it) that is, officially, the last song recorded in 2001 by the great Master Sergio Bruni together with his friend and spiritual son Lino Blandizzi, author of this composition in the form of romance. Blandizzi in this album "Il Mondo sul Filo" (The World on the edge) expresses discomfort of good will and conscience men, He has no slogans to promote, He only sells his enthusiasm which is sometimes weakened by a vein of melancholy. But the music is always ready to take action to heal the wounds caused by the so-called civilization. The music is, perhaps, the only constant, the only truth.


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