Blandizzi Acqua Bene Comune Blandizzi Acqua Bene Comune
Lino Blandizzi and Father Alex Zanotelli
The world is experiencing a not very happy period.
But your heart, that beats for the future, will surely deal with it and improve it. We know that there are a few ways to go to change the world but often we give a damn.
So, if the world is in crisis, we shall have to do something about it.
We must start savings.
We consume too much. An excessive consumption, among many, is that of water. Why Water? Because it is a good that we waste when we wash, when we take a shower, when we run the tap for too long.
Of course, we pay water consumption, but the risk is that tomorrow it will not be enough for all the uses to which we are accustomed. There are people in Africa and Asia who have to travel miles to get a few liters of water. They are not like us, we have it in the house at will. Therefore the risk is that if we keep wasting it at full blast, tomorrow we will not have enough water as well. And so you need to save it from now on. In this song, dedicated to the water, there are some considerations on its savings that sounds like an anthem, a call to raise awareness. This song has been written together to Piero Antonio Toma (writer and journalist) and shared by Father Alex Zanotelli who wanted me by his side, in his fight against the privatization of this precious commodity won by referendum.

Alex wrote this thought inherent to my album "The World On The Edge":

Homo sapiens is the animal species most rapacious that the planet has ever seen: we robbed and plundered essential goods for survival up to bring "the world on the edge". This is not the end: it is just the beginning, if we act all together as we did so far for the water, we will cause a lot of trouble to those who are destroying the planet.
(Phrase published on the first page of the booklet of the CD).

Alex Zanotelli is an important point of reference not only for me but for all those who believe in a better world, who deeply share to promote human well-being, freedom, tolerance, respect, progress, and promote dialogue between different civilizations, cultures and peoples.